A honeymoon that's out of this world
Ready for a honeymoon that is out of this world - literally? Take your honeymoon to new heights with a space trip to remember.

The world's first spaceline is already selling tickets for trips to space. The first couple to book their honeymoon with Galactic Spacelines did so in March 2007.

Earth and moon Credit: NASA  Visible Earth

You are carried to 50,000 feet by an aircraft "mothership" and then the spaceship is dropped. It blasts from 50,000 to 360,000 feet in about 90 seconds at over 3 times the speed of sound. The offical definition of space starts at 330,000 feet or about 62.5 miles above the earth's surface.

The spacecraft folds its wings "feathering" ready to re-enter the atmosphere and reopens the wings to land. The whole flight takes about 2 and half hours.

During those 90 seconds of full powered blast, you will pull about 3 to 4 g and on re-entry they will peak at 6-7 g for a short period of time. There will be 3 days of pre-flgiht training to help you prepare including g-force training on a centrifuge and a parabolic flight in an aircraft to simulate 0 g.

Start saving now. A ticket will cost about $200,000 per person and commercial operations are expected to start late 2008 or early 2009. Just let anyone try to top a honeymoon like that!

Virgin Galactic space flights - honeymoon